Argentine Tango Toronto
El Abrazo

Learn Authentic Argentine Tango from teachers with 25 years of experience.
NEW SESSION Starting April 25, 2017

Classes Location

El Abrazo is located right in the middle of Toronto

About us

Welcome to El Abrazo ( the Embrace) the Argentine Tango school in Toronto that teaches the Social Style of Argentine Tango, as it is danced today in the salons and dance halls of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and around the world.

Andy and Ilona are Argentine Tango teachers with over 25 years cumulative experience teaching and dancing authentic Argentine tango. Come join our classes in downtown Toronto and learn the Language of Social Argentine Tango. Bailamos!! – Let’s dance!!

Our Teaching Approach:
– Foundations of Argentine Tango movement
– Leading & following skills development
– Close embrace gentle connection
– Musicality, interpretation & expression
– Freedom of improvisation & creativity of movement.

Our classes teach you how to
– improve your dancing rapidly
– move gracefully
– connect with partner harmoniously
– hear and express music fluidly
– improvise creatively.

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