Weekly class, every Tuesday evening!

SPK-Polish Hall, 206 Beverley St, Studio A, Toronto ON M5T 1Z3;
nearest major intersection St. George St. & College St.
Queen’s Park Subway

Drop-ins always welcomewith or without a partner. Or join our 8 week session.
•   Experienced teachers, with more than 25 years of experience teaching tango
•   Advanced teaching techniques
•   Emphasis on building a strong foundation for your dancing


Foundations of Argentine Tango 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
$100 for 8-week session (Students with ID $50) or Drop-in $20, includes practica

These lessons are ideal for beginners, or experienced dancers who want to improve their fundamentals of tango. We focus on the dance elements that together make up tango. By focusing on these fundamentals, these lessons teach students to rapidly acquire the skills needed to start dancing Argentine tango. A strong foundation in these elements is also essential in order to be able to dance later at a more advanced level. This course addresses the needs of both leaders and followers.

Improvisation in Argentine Tango 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
$100 for 8-week session (Students with ID $50) or Drop-in $20, includes practica
Improve your dancing rapidly by exploring musicality, structure, dynamics and the movement of the dance. Includes special exercises to develop your tango skills. These exercises dramatically shorten the time needed to dance tango at an advanced level. They target the dynamics of movement and the connection with your partner. Additional musicality training will give students the skills that they need to freely express the music in their dancing. We will focus on expanding the dancer’s knowledge and ability by exploring and analyzing different components of Argentine tango each week. This course addresses the needs of both leaders and followers.

Both Classes: Foundations + Improvisation Combo Package 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
$160 for 8-week session (Students with ID $80) or Drop-in for both classes $30, includes practica

Practica 9:00 – 11:00 pm — $5 (Free if you take any of the classes)
Everyone is welcome to attend the Tango Practice. Feel free to ask for feedback from the instructors or to practice on your own, or with a partner.


  • No partner necessary.
  • Registration in class.
  • If you don’t have dance shoes, please wear shoes with leather soles.
  • For class reservations and info call Andy 416-767-0033 or email us (see CONTACT US on bottom of the page)