Rules for entering and participating in our activities

UPDATE February 1, 2022: All classes will resume as of Tuesday February 1, 2022 as per relaxation of government restrictions.

As per Ontario Health Regulations, You must show proof that you are fully immunized in order to enter the event by either showing the government issued QR code or you can continue to use the vaccine receipt you were issued if you prefer (businesses are required to accept that as proof of vaccination).

We follow latest Ontario Health Requirements (see Ontario Government Regulations )

Unrelated People Can Dance together
The regulations state that physical distancing is NOT required while dancing (i.e. physical distancing cannot be maintained while participating in the activities. subsections 3 (1) and 3.1 (4) of Schedule 1)
Masks NOT required while dancing
The regulations state that masks are not required while you are engaged in an athletic or fitness activity (i.e. dancing or dancing instructions). subsection 2 (4) of Schedule 1.
Masks and Social Distancing NOT required for unrelated people while sitting at a table
a) Physical distancing NOT required when patrons are seated together at a table. Subsections 3 (1) and 3.1 (4) of Schedule 1
b) Masks are not required while sitting at a table in order to to consume food or drink. (i.e. food or drinks must always be on the table). Subsection 2 (4) of Schedule 1
Masks and Social distancing required at all times other than listed above

Masks AND Physical distance MUST be maintained at ALL OTHER TIMES between unrelated households.

By attending our classes or our practica you agree and state the following:

* I am fully vaccinated as per government requirements
* I am not feeling ill or have symptoms of COVID-19
* In the last 14 days I do not believe I have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19.
* I have not traveled outside of Canada within the last 14 days.
* I hereby release and agree to hold Argentine Tango Toronto El Abrazo and/or any of their employees harmless from any legal claims that may be caused or a result of any act, or failure to act, on their part whether negligent or not in connection with my attendance at this event

We reserve the right to check for temperature and/or your oxygen utilization before you are allowed to enter

You should bring exact change since change may not be available

You must provide contact information (as requires by law). Contact information will be retained for 30 days and legally can only be shared with Health Authorities.

Only one person at a time is allowed in the washrooms. We strongly suggest waiting at least 3 minutes before entering a washroom after it has been used by another person. When entering or leaving the washroom you should stay 2 meters away except when passing other people.

Hand sanitizers and sanitizer wipes will be available throughout the evening.